Contact the AVSD School Board

The only way a school board member can truly perform their job is by knowing what the problems, wishes, and needs are of the community that the school district serves.

The only way a school board member can know what those problems, wishes, and needs are, is to communicate with the community that board member serves.

Up until now, the only way a Three Points community member could try to contact the AVSD School Board is through the Superintendent. The same man who IS the problem in AVSD.

Yeah, that works.

While Carolyn Garrison, Kim Ritter, and Gabrielle Voris are still just candidates for the AVSD school board, they WANT to hear from YOU.

They are committed to Giving Robles a Voice in the Altar Valley School District.

To help them achieve that goal, we here at Three Points Barbed Wire are giving them a voice, and giving the community an opportunity to contact them.

Use the contact form below to get in touch with any, or all, of the AVSD School Board Candidates. Your message will be sent directly to them.

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